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What is FTA?

What are Free To Air (FTA) channels?

Free To Air (FTA) channels are digital channels that are not encrypted by the service provider and require no subscription or monthly payment. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to receive with an FTA receiver. Typically Dish Network or DIRECTV channels are encrypted and are NOT available with FTA systems. There are only a few non encrypted channels on Dish Network, such as the NASA channel that are available with FTA receivers. However there are many more satellites in the sky that do offer a wealth of programming. If you are looking for Dish Network, then please check out our Dish Network prepaid systems, which require no contract or credit check.

Where can I find out what channels are available free to air?

There are many free to air channels available in North America on satellites such as Galaxy 10R, AMC4, Telstar 5, AMC3, etc. These channels are from the USA and from around the world. See lyngsat for a complete listing of what is available. They have programming for Chinese, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Arabic, Portuguese, United States, Spanish, and many many more countries. For a detailed list with transponder information, please visit lyngsat.com.

Can I use my existing 18"/20" DBS/DSS dish to receive FTA?

No. All FTA channels are available on satellites with much weaker signal than DSS. The minimum size dish required is 30". Also, FTA and DBS / DSS satellites require different type of LNBs. For FTA you will need Linear (standard or universal) LNB's.