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Mediabox Arabic IPTV Receiver

Part Number Mediabox arabic internet IPTV box
Mediabox Arabic IPTV Receiver
Wholesale Inquiries welcome. We are the authorized distributor for USA.
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The MediaBox delivers high quality television programming to households via a broadband connection using only the internet, no dish and additional installation fees required. Instead of receiving television or video over the broadcast waves, cable lines or through a satellite TV service, your TV is hooked directly into a broadband internet router and receives digital signal directly over the internet.

This Mediabox is a previously owned item,and comes with 11 months of free TV with all channels open. The remote control is brand new, the box is like new. After 11 months, you can contact us and buy an activation card for $ 229.99 for an additional 1 year of TV service. If you have any question feel free to contact us direct for more information about this product.

Since this is a new type of product, feel free to call us for experienced tech support to help you with your installation. Let our knowledge make your install easy.

Package includes:

  1. 11 months of free tv service all channels open
  2. USA version box with US power supply. The power supply is several feet longer than the European version for easier installation.
  3. Each box has passed our quality control department to assure you our boxes pass specifications
  4. High quality high speed ethernet cable Cat5E specs to hook the Mediabox to the router. It is 14 feet in lenght to make your installation easier.
  5. HDMI cable over 5 feet long to reach your TV easily

new channels added !!

Channel List Below, over 450 channels and more added all the time

Arabic Channels 12-19-2013

2M Maroc Abu Dhabi Drama Abu Dhabi Nat. Geographic Abu Dhabi Sport 1
Abu Dhabi Sport 2 Abu Dhabi Sport 3 Abu Dhabi Sport 4 Abu Dhabi Sport 5
Abu Dhabi Sport 6 Abu Dhabi Sport 7 Abu Dhabi Sport 8 Abu Dhabi TV
Addounia TV Afak Afkar Wa Mawaneb Afrah TV
Ahlulbayt TV Ajial Ajman TV Al Adalah
Al Ahd Al Ahly Al Amaken Channel Al Amaken Drama
Al Anwar 1 Al Anwar 2 Al Aoula Inter Al Arabiya
Al Arrab Al Baghdadia 1 Al Baghdadia 2 Al Bait Baitak Cinema
Al Basira Al Daleel TV Al Ekhbaria Al Eqtasadiah
Al Fayhaa Al Forat Al Ghad Al Araby Al Haqeqa Al Dawliah
Al Haramien Al Hayat 1 Al Hayat Cinema Al Hayat Life Channel
Al Hayat Series Al Hivar Al Tounisi Al Hiwar Al Hurra TV
Al Insen TV Al Iraqia Decomentary Al Iraqiya Sprots Al Jadeed
Al Jazairia Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Baraem Al Jazeera Children
Al Jazeera Documentary Al Jazeera Mubasher Al Jazeera Sport HD 1 Al Jazeera Sport HD 2
Al Jazeera Sport HD 3 Al Jazeera Sport HD 4 Al Jazeera Sport HD 5 Al Jazeera Sport HD 6
Al Jazeera Sport News HD Al Jazeera Sports 1 Al Jazeera Sports 2 Al Jazeera Sports +1
Al Jazeera Sports +2 Al Jazeera Sports +3 Al Jazeera Sports +4 Al Jazeera Sports +5
Al Jazeera Sports +6 Al Jazeera Sports +7 Al Jazeera Sports +8 Al Jazeera Sports +9
Al Jazeera Sports +10 Al Jazeera Sports Global Al Jazeera Sports News Al Kahera Wal Nas
Al Kass Al Lubnania Al Maaly Al Maaref
Al Madar TV Al Madeeh Al Magharibia Al Maghribia
Al Majd Holy Quran Al Majd Space Channel Al Masrawia Al Mayadeen
Al Mehwer 1 Al Mehwer 2 Al Mehwer Drama Al Montda
Al Mustakillah TV Al Nahar Al Nahar Drama Al Najaf Channel
Al Rafidain Al Rahma TV Al Rasheed Al Rayyan
Al Resalah Al Ruqiya Al Sabah TV Al Saeda
Al Saeedah Al Sahraa Al Siera Al Nabaweia Al Sirat TV
Al Somaria Al Zahraa Alaan TV Alasr TV
Alfath ALFATH Quran Algerie 3 Algerie 4
Algerie 5 Alhekma Nor Alittihad Alrai TV
Arabica TV Arriadia Ashrooq TV Asia TV
Assadissa Awtar TV Baghdad TV Bahrain TV
Baynounah TV BBC Arabic BBC World Middle East Blue Nile TV
BTV Cairo Cinema Cairo Drama 1 Cairo Film
Canal Algerie Cartoon Network Arabia CBC 1 CBC 2
CBC Drama Cima Citruss TV Darbka Aflam
DC Lebanon Dream 1 Dubai Sports 2 Dubai Sports 3
Dubai TV DW-TV Arabia Ennahar TV Algerie ERTU 3
ERTU 8 Fatafeat Five Drama Fox Arabic
Fox Movies Arabic France 24 English France 24 French FUNoon
Future TV Future USA FX Arabic Gear One
Hadi TV 3 Hadi TV 4 Halaba Hannibal Tunisia
Hawas TV Heya Hi TV Hod Hod
Infinity 1 Iqraa Iraqiya TV Ishtar
Islam TV Jordan Jordan Sport Karameesh
karawan Kids Karbala TV Kuwait TV 1 Kuwait TV 2
LBC Sat LCD Aflam Libya Al Ahrar Libya Al Hurra
Libya Hawa Libya TV Libya TV Alahli Majestic Cinema
Mara7 TV Marah Alkhalij Massaya Mazzika
Mazzika Zoom MBC 1 MBC 1 HD MBC 2
MBC 3 MBC 4 MBC Action MBC Ballywood
MBC Drama MBC Maghreb MBC Masr MBC Max
Medi 1sat Miracle TV Moga Comedy TV MTV Lebanon
NART NBN Lebanon Nessma Nile Cinema
Nile Comedy Nile Drama 1 Nile Life Nile News
Nile Sport Noon TV Noor Dubai Noursat
NourSat Al Shabab Oman TV2 On TV Orient TV
Oscar Drama 1 Oscar Drama 2 OTV Lebanon Palestine Alyaum
Panarama Comedy Panorama Drama 1 Panorama Drama 2 Play Hekayat
PSC Al Quds Qatar TV Quran TV Rotana Aflam
Rotana Cinema Rotana Classic Rotana Clip Rotana khalijiah
Rotana Masriya Rotana Music Russai Al-Yaum Sada TV
Safa TV Sama Cinema 1 Sama Cinema 2 Sama Dubai
Sama TV Sat7 Plus Saudi Channel 1 Saudi Channel 2
Saudi Sport 1 Saudi Sport 2 Saut El Shaab Semsem
Seraj SHA3BEYAT Sharqiya Skynews Arabia
Space Power Star Cinema 1 Star Cinema 2 Sudan TV
Syria TV Syrian Drama TV Syrian Education Taha TV
Tahrir Tamazight Tawazon Taxi El Sahra
Tayba TV Time Cinema Time Comedy Time Drama
Time Turkey TNN Tunisia TNT +3 Toktak Cima
Top Movies TV Toyor Al Janah 1 Toyor Al Janah 2 TRT Arabia
Tunisie 21 Tunisie Nation Tunisie TV 1 TV5 Monde Maghreb Orient
Wanasah Yemen Shbab Yemen TV Zaytoona
Zee Aflam Zee Alwan Zweina Baladna

Armenian Channels

Armenia TV Shant TV Kentron TV  

African Channels

Africable Eri TV ESTV ETV 2
Horn Cable TV Royal Somali TV RTD Djibouti RTS 1
SNTV Somali Channel Somaliland National TV TPAI
Universal TV VOA Ethiopia    

Afghan Channels

Ariana Afghanistan Ariana TV Payam E Afghan RTA Afghanistan
ARY QTV Shamshad TV

Kurdish Channels

Badinan TV Kirkuk TV Pelistank Sterk TV
Gali Kurdistan TV Hawler Ishtar jamawar
Kanal 4 KNN Komala TV Korek
Kurd 1 Kurdistan TV Kurdsat Newroz
NRT Rojhelat Vin Zagros

Farsi Channels

AAA Family Andisheh TV BBC Persian Channel One
Face 1 Farsi 1 Ganj e Hozour GEM Classic
IRIB 2 ITN New Channel Kahkeshan Kalemeh Farsi
Manoto 1 Mohabat TV Movie 1 Channel Negah e Shoma
Nejat TV Nour TV Pars TV Persian Film 2
Persian Star TV 1 Persian Star TV 2 PMC PNTV
Press TV Saamen TV Sat 7 Pars Simay Azadi
TMTV TV Persia TVP Velayat TV

Turkish Channels

24 A Haber A9 TV Adana Koza TV
Akdeniz TV Aksu TV Anadolu TV ATV Avrupa
ATV Turkiye Bal TV Bengu Turk TV Berct TV
Bereket TV Cangri TV Cartoon Network Turkiye Cine 5
CNBC-e CNN Turk D Shopping Dijle TV
Disney Channel Turkiye Dugun TV Dunya TV E2
EGE TV Ekin TV Euro D Euro Star
Expo Channel Fenerbahce TV Flash TV Fox TV Turkiye
Gaziantep OLay TV Halk TV Hayat TV Hilal TV
Kackar TV Kanal 3 Turkiye Kanal 35 Kanal 67
Kanal 7 Turkiye Kanal Avrupa Kanal Biz Kanal D
Kanal Urfa KanalTurk Karadeniz Turk TV Karadeniz TV
Karamel TV Kocaeli TV Kon TV Malatya VTV
Mavi Karadeniz TV Maxi Mehtap TV Minika Cocuk
MinikaGo Mobility Channel MPL TV NTV Avrupa
NTV Turkiye Planet Cocuk Planet Pembe Planet Sinema
Planet Turk Samanyolu Haber Samanyolu TV Turkiye Samsun Aks
Sebi TV Show TV Avrupa Show TV Turkiye Sipas TV
Smart TV Sports TV Star TV Tarim Turk TV
Tatlises TV Tek Rumeli TV TNT Turkey TR 1
TRT Anadalu TRT Belgesel TRT Cocuk TRT Turk
Turkiyem TV Turkmeneli TV 10 TV 58
Ulusal Kanal World Travel Channel Yaban TV Yol TV
Yumurcak TV